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The classics

Soin Éclat de Givre25 min - 55 €

Instant "radiance boosting" facial, fully personalised, to deeply cleanse the skin and discover all the benefits of the Pure Altitude line.

Soin Bulle d’Oxygène50 min - 95 €

Traditional facial from the Pure Altitude line. Cleansing and detoxifying, it combines a complete facial with a massage of the reflex zones to oxygenate the skin and soothe the epidermis.

Soin Pureté au Masculin50 min - 95 €

A purifying and moisturising treatment, specially designed for men's skin that has been damaged by external aggressions and repeated shaving. Deeply cleansed, the skin regains freshness and purity, thanks to ultra-nourishing textures with a non-greasy finish.

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Specific care

Soin Bol d’Air Pur80 min - 135 €

A complete facial with a perfect combination of manual manoeuvres and fresh jade rollers for a hot/cold effect that effectively stimulates lymphatic circulation. The features are relaxed, pores are tightened and the skin is refreshed. Ideal for detoxifying urban and stressed skin.

Soin Rose d’Himalaya80 min - 135 €

Complete facial with the ultra-replumping powers of the Rosalpina Youth Mask and the highly regenerating Himalayan Elixir. It combines palpate rolling, aesthetic lymphatic drainage and massage with rose quartz rolls. The facial oval is reshaped, wrinkles are smoothed, the face is visibly lifted and firmed.

Soin LiftAlpes80 min - 135 €

The result of Pure Altitude's anti-ageing expertise, this firming treatment combines the natural resources of the mountains with high-precision active ingredients derived from biotechnology. This treatment combines effleurage, palpate-roll and smoothing with alternating hot and cold to activate microcirculation and act on the tone of the facial features. The facial oval is redefined, wrinkles are smoothed, the face is visibly lifted and firmed.

Pure Altitude massages

Rituel Pure Altitude25 min - 55 €50 min - 95 €

Signature massage of the range, including long smoothing strokes and slow, comforting manoeuvres. Nourishing treatment thanks to the Beauty Oil and resulting in a deep relaxation of the whole body.

Rituel à la bougie50 min - 100 €

Complete body massage with the "Fleurs de Neige" candle, the signature scent of Pure Altitude spas. Ultra-repairing, this treatment envelops the body in a gentle warmth and nourishes the skin in depth.

Soin-Massage Energétique des Alpes80min - 140 €

Mountain Balm massage, alternating stretching, strong modelling and the application of mini linen bags filled with Himalayan salts. A detoxifying treatment that relieves tension, boosts energy and leaves the skin ultra-soft.

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Wallerand’s massages

Massage Relaxant sur-mesure50 min - 95 €80 min - 135 €

Tell us the areas you want us to focus on and the intensity you want, from light to deep. We will then create a massage tailored to your needs.

Massage Profond des muscles50 min - 100 €80 min - 140 €

Slow and deep massage with specific techniques to deeply relax muscles and release tension.

Massage Crânien25 min - 55 €50 min - 95 €

A combination of cranial reflexology techniques and slow manoeuvres to relieve tension in the trapezius, neck and skull.

Massage Etoiles50 min - 95 €

Foot, hand and cranial massage, including foot, palm and cranial reflexology.

Rituel d'été Massage50 min - 95 €80 min - 135 €

Let yourself be enchanted by our Edelweiss Elixir with Monoï... Combined with delicate, slow and enveloping manoeuvres, it will plunge you into a state of deep relaxation.

This dry oil massage provides the ideal hydration for your skin to enjoy the first rays of the sun.

  • The access to our wellness for non residents of the hotel is 30€ / person for 2 hours.
    A bathrobe, a towel and a pair of flip-flops will be provided.

  • The access to our wellness is 15€ if it is coupled with a 50 min treatment of your choice.

  • The access to our wellness is free if it is coupled with a treatment of 80 min and more of your choice.

  • Additional hour: 1 hour - 10€ / person

  • Privatisation of the wellness: 2 hours - 100€ for two people


Please note that for safety reasons, access to our wellness area is forbidden to persons under the age of 18.

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